FoodFace Magazine: the pleasures of the first zero-sugar wine

Discover PURE The Winery, the first zero-sugar wine ranges from a delicious, refreshing sparking rosé aperitif to a white with floral and fruity notes.


Originating in Italy and PURE the Winery was initiated by a group of wine lovers, aimed for people who enjoy relaxing and want to have fun — and still enjoy a glass of wine without feeling guilty. Easy-drinking, PURE the Winery wine is a drink, that you can to kick back, relax and indulge with, but with significantly lower calories than other wines. And we love that!


By respecting traditional techniques and incorporating cutting edge innovations in wine making, PURE the Winery has a natural method whereby natural sugars are converted into alcohol and the residual sugars disappear completely, creating a new category of wine, a Zero Sugar Category.


This modern wine innovation did not happen over night. Many years of reasearch, consultation with wine making experts, studies on the fermentation process, and an in depth analysis of the development of sugar in grapes was all essential to the ultimate perfection you taste in every glass of PURE the Winery wine.


What a great choice for wine enthusiasts who are seeking a healthy lifestyle, but also want to indulge in foodie pleasures. Naturally made wine, PURE the Winey is also low in sulphites and has no sweeteners or additives (natural or artificial).


Zero Sugar Wine is an innovative concept in the wine world and on that is here to stay.