PURE THE WINERY won three awards at the Paris Wine Cup

Three More Awards for PURE the Winery’s Award-Winning Taste! PARIS WINE CUP, FRANCE, APRIL 2021

Once again, PURE the Winery was victorious at the Paris Wine Cup, one of the leading wine competitions in the world, consolidating that our zero sugar wine is expertly made and truly a force in the future growth of wine.


PURE THE WINERY won three awards at the Paris Wine Cup in March this year.


“A wine is more than just a drink, it is a whole experience”


The Paris Wine Cup is designed for Sommeliers and experienced buyers to evaluate wines the way everyday wine drinkers do. The judging panel at the competition is made up of Sommeliers and wine buyers from some of Paris’ finest restaurants and buyers and traders with extensive commercial buying experience and responsibility.


France is famous for its wine and awards given during the Paris Wine Cup are a world-wide accreditation of the winemaking expertise and value propositions of each awarded wine and their winery.


“In today’s competitive market, consumers expect a wine to taste good, look good and to offer great value for money. That’s why we are extremely proud that PURE the Winery wines scored so highly at the 2021 Paris Wine Cup. Winning these awards is particularly important to us. We wanted to make a wine that was “better for you” and extracting all the sugar out of wine was very important to us. Some people were be sceptical of a zero sugar wine – they kept asking what does it taste like? Well, our 3 awards here today prove that we are making the types of wines that wine drinkers actually want to buy and can enjoy without compromising on their healthier habits, and that we are also making the types of wines that the trade wants to include on their lists.” Daniel Cusmano, Head Winemaker, PURE the Winery